Unlike women, of whom 100% lose production of their hormones at menopause, only 50% of men lose production of the main male hormone Testosterone as they age. There is now a well-recognized medical term Andropause. There is no good explanation why some men do and others don’t. Medications, trauma, genetics may play a role in that process. Typically this process is slow and gradual. Most men just calling is “aging”. They may feel tired, noticing more weight gain in the midsection of the body, muscle mass loss, difficulties with sexual function, depressive symptoms, and poor night sleep. When trying to exercise they may have poor exercise endurance, getting easily injured. Not surprisingly many of these men develop type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, impotence, and osteoporosis. Restoring Testosterone to the upper limit of normal levels with bio-identical Testosterone brings relief of many of those symptoms and slows down degenerative diseases.

Pellet Testosterone therapy has been proven effective and convenient for many men in need of restoration of Testosterone.