What is it and is it safe?

  • Some people associate the word “Botox” with the word “toxin” fearing that the body will be poisoned by it.
    It is correct that Botulinum A Toxin was first discovered in association with a deadly disease Botulism more than 100 years ago. Since then it was studied and purified in the laboratory. Precise dosing and guidelines were developed as to how to use it.
    In 1987 it became available commercially for cosmetic use.
  • It has been FDA Approved for treatment of frown lines, horizontal wrinkles on the forehead and so called “laugh” lines around the eyes.
  • In 2009 FDA approved Dysport, another version of Botulinum Toxin as effective and as safe as Botox.
    Millions of people have been injected with Botox for a variety of medical conditions, some of which include muscle spasm and headaches. When used properly, it is safe and effective and requires no “down time.” It is truly a “lunch time procedure,” which fits well into the lives of individuals trying to balance the ongoing responsibilities of family, friends, and a career.

How does Botox/Dysport work?

 When injected into a muscle it causes weakness or paresis of that muscle. The skin overlying the muscle becomes softened and relaxed. 

How long does it last?

 In most people the effect lasts 3-4 months, so about three procedures are necessary a year to see consistent results. After the first year of keeping up with the injections the effects can actually last longer; Some individuals can see results last for 5-6 months and only need 2 procedures a year. 

When will I see the results?

 The effect of Botulinum A Toxin begins to appear in 2-6 days, peaks in 1-4 weeks and gradually declines after 3-4 months.