Pellet procedure (Both, Men and Women)

 Pellets are concentrated form of a hormone: Estradiol and Testosterone for women, Testosterone only for men. It looks like a large grain of rice. It is inserted by a physician under the patient skin in subcutaneous fat: the area of upper buttocks is cleansed with disinfectant, under sterile conditions the skin is first numbed by injection of Lidocaine, a small incision of about 3 mm is made through the numb area, through which the pellets are inserted slightly away from incision. Then, butterfly closure is used to secure the incision (no stitches are necessary), gauze and a clear protective film are applied to cover the area. There are no restrictions to regular daily activities, including showering. It is best to avoid sauna, swimming pool and strenuous exercises of gluteal muscles (biking, elliptical) for 7 days.

The duration of pellet actions usually lasts about 4 months for women and about 6 months for men. Blood tests are necessary for monitoring hormone therapy. Possible side effects of the Pellet procedure are the same as any minor office procedure: bruising, swelling, soreness. Ice pack is recommended to apply for comfort. In rare cases, infections are possible and should be promptly addressed and treated by a physician, this should only happen if post procedure instructions are not followed precisely. Occasionally a person may be allergic to the adhesive of a band aide, and develop rash and itching under the steri strips (butterfly closure). We use only latex free, medical grade medical supplies, yet at times this can also happen. 

If symptoms of hormone deficiency due to aging are present, ask your doctor to perform an evaluation with physical examination and simple in-office blood test to see if you are a candidate for this treatment!