Silhouette instalift

Silhouette Instalift is a cosmetic treatment preformed in the office setting to reposition the aging skin of the face and neck. It involves using surgical absorbable sutures with bi-directional cones. The physician uses Lidocaine to anesthetize the entry and exit points. Through the numb area the sutures are inserted under the skin. Then lifting of the skin is performed while the cones get trapped in the underlying fat tissue. As a result the deeper layers of the skin are lifted into a more desirable position. Subsequently the suture is absorbed naturally by the body while stimulating the production of collagen in the skin and underlying tissue. The procedure is virtually painless. Results are immediate and continue to improve over the period of 2-3 months. Average duration of the results is about 2 years.

Side effects are minimal and may involve temporary bruising and swelling, rarely infections may occur. There is no downtime. It is recommended to avoid extensive dental work for about 2 weeks after procedure and to avoid using makeup for 24 hours thus minimizing the chances of infection.