Physician Grade skincare

1. Cleansing and Toning

Cleansing (exfoliating) and removing oil (toning) from the skin. This is an important step in preparing your skin to be nurtured and getting healthy. Under normal circumstances the outer layer of the skin called epidermis is renewing itself on a regular basis, thus creating dead cell layer on the surface of the skin. That superficial epidermis, in addition to daily dust particles, make up, and various pollutants from the environment need to be cleansed/exfoliated on a regular basis in order for the skin products to get into the actual skin and get absorbed. In addition, our skin has cells that produce oil (sebum), which may interfere with proper action/absorption of skin products.

Beta Enzyme Cleanser (salicylic acid, papaya extract, various antioxidants: orange oil, green tea extract, chamomile and licorice extract)

PH Balance Toner helps remove any sebum.

MicroDERM Scrub (sugar cane particles and green tea). Used for additional, deeper exfoliation.

2. Sun Protection

 A necessary step for most skin types, living in South Florida makes it necessary even if the person does not intentionally gets exposed to the sun. This step has paramount importance as part of any comprehensive skin care.

Hydro Essence SPF 40 (Zinc oxide, Octinoxate, apple, plankton extract, lecithin) not only protects but also moisturizes the skin, virtually eliminating a need for a moisturizer.

3. Correction/treatment

Retinol/Tretinoin and antioxidants. By increasing the cell turnover retinols keep the skin pores open (useful for acne prone skin) and helps create younger, healthier skin (useful for aging skin). Antioxidants help restore DNA in the skin affected by pollution, dust and chemicals.

Tretinol Serum 0.5% (retinol 0.5 %, vitamin C, vitamin E).

Retinol Serum 10x (Retinol 0.25 %, vitamin C, CoQ10).

Rapid Fade 12x is designed for bleaching and pigment correction (2% 

Hydroquinone, glycolic acid, lactic acid, kojic acid, licorice root).

4. Moisturizing, calming

Intensive Recovery Cream (cactus and coconut extract, peptides)

Kurative cream (arnica, vitamin K, almond oil, sunflower seed, calendula flower extract)