Women's Hormone Therapy Pellets

 The most effective and consistent with results method of replacing missing hormones is Pellet Therapy. Two hormones (Estradiol and Testosterone) are inserted under the skin, from which they absorb directly into the body in a slow release fashion. The third hormone Progesterone is taken orally as a capsule at bedtime. Thus all three hormones are working in sync with each other, providing a sense of balance, relief of symptoms and prevention of degenerative diseases. One may ask: why not insert Progesterone as well as a pellet? Two reasons: it is too large of a pill to be suitable for pellet, the other reason is: when taken orally not only it helps relieve hot flashes, but provides the best sleep at night. Many women call it “my favorite sleeping pill”. Unlike traditional sleeping medications that essentially cause short term anesthesia, addiction, memory issues, and dizziness, Progesterone is a bio-identical hormone that restores normal sleep cycle. A woman wakes up refreshed and ready for her daily tasks with good energy. Progesterone after all is a hormone of pregnancy, perhaps designed to help a woman with good night sleep and relaxation, thus protecting a growing child inside her body.